What in the world is a shower steamer?!?!?

It took me a while to get my recipe for bathbombs down to where I didn't end up with a hot mess.  As a lot of soap ladies will tell you, once you figure out what you're doing you can't really stop doing it.  So I have all these bath bombs and I'm at a market right...what's a customer say to me?  She says she wishes she had a bath bomb for her shower because like a lot of people...she doesn't take baths.  

Weeeeeks of research later I'm looking at this recipe and next thing you know I'm mixing up shower steamers.  It's a basic recipe with lavender/peppermint essential oil and these crystal menthol crystals that I crush with a rolling pin.  It's all mixed up much like bathbombs only when I'm done I use the cutest little press to make these flowers.  When you're in the shower what you do is you take the flower petal and put it at the back of your shower.  While you take your shower the water will indirectly hit your cute little shower steamer causing it to activate and turn your shower into an aroma-heaven.  No medicine here, your shower will just smell amazing and if you have any other benefits then woooohooo. 

I always warn my customers when we're talking at markets that when you open the bag I place them in to be aware of the immediate BAM that'll hit you.  And like clockwork, every time I watch someone open the bag they are hit by the almost overwhelming fragrance that comes from the steamers.  The scent is much more subtle in your actual shower but it's always fun to have a laugh with my customers.  Menthol is a key to these shower steamers umph when you're in the shower but I can't stress enough that these are for your shower....NOT THE BATHTUB.  

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