Why I do what I do.

There's one question that I get almost every single time I set up at a market.  What made me decide to start making soap?  The answer is always the same.  I used to buy soap from a lady I worked with and she wasn't making it anymore so I'm like...hmmm I can do that.  A couple bars of melt and pour later...I'm looking at this creation and I'm like...I can do way better than just this.  I spent months researching and learning how to make soap before that fist loaf of soap that quickly became two and then three.  At one point you look around and you're like okay, I can't possibly use all this soap.  And then you start giving soap away because, I mean come on, who doesn't like free stuff?  Did I think I would have a website or much less be selling soap on a regular basis when I made that first loaf of soap?  Absolutely not.  Do I love making all the different soaps/lotions/bath bombs/shower fizzles that I now make.  Absolutely!
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